> Wo Meine Sonne Scheint
Rotterdam/Berlin based artist-initiative that focusses on the visibility of artistic practice behind artworks. We organise site-specific exhibitions, residencies, artist-interviews and symposia.

> "Swimming in the rivers of the rains of our days before we knew"
Masterarbeit über Ambivalenz und das Politische in der Kunst, Institute for Art in Context, Berlin

> AiR Berlin Alexanderplatz
Artist initiative & Researchers in Residence in Berlin

> Berliner Runde, Collaboradio
interview with Nickel van Dijvenboden (artitst) & Rosanna Lovell (radio-maker) about Nickels artistic research on the composer Hans Eisler.

> Also Big Spaces Have Corners, Janne Kruse
Contributing text-collage in exhibitioncatalog

beatrijs (at) posteo (dt) net

> Practise vs Politics
Sersies of interviews about young artist's political views in relation to their studio practise

> We're Both Extermined, Luik
music-video and vynil-design in collaboration with Johannes Buch


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